Initial D Arcade Stage Zero DLL Modder

WARNING: This is version 2 of the fullscreen patch, but it needs more testing.
Pro tip: Using the fullscreen patch and using Rivatuner to lock to 60fps, then setting "FullScreen = 0" and "SYNCMODE = 0" in the InitialD.ini
will let you alt-tab out of the game, and still run at locked 60fps.
Notes about the in-store patch:
The game will still require an ip in the 192.168.X.X range to boot up. However, everything past that can be freely choosen now, so using something like zerotier or a custom vpn It's technically possible to play in-store battles. You'll need to both have matching ip-ranges in segatools.ini though, and one of you'll have to disable dipsw1, etc.